New Media: Show and Tell

Today, perhaps more than ever, media and the world in general are shifting to visual storytelling. Why now? Because technology has made it easier than it’s ever been to snap a photo and share it. The infograph above, which we noticed on Mambo’s blog (but which is originally from Jeff Bullas), shows just part of why visual media is bigger and better than ever. To see the full version, go here.

In a pinch, here’s what the above explains, and what’s going on: social media is putting a significantly greater emphasis on images. Three of the most major examples are: 1. Pinterest, which is hugely popular and completely and totally about sharing the visual. 2. Facebook shifted its site to Timeline, which is much more image-heavy than its early arrangement. 3. Facebook paid big bucks for Instagram, which was once-upon-a-time a small photo-sharing start-up.

So, what’s to glean from this information? Incorporate images into whatever you do. The world is in visual mode, as it always has been, and everyone from businesses to consumers are craving a visual experience in whatever it is they seek. If you want help creating a visual experience for your consumer, connect with us! We’ll take you where you need to be, visually speaking.

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