Snap, My Facebook Has Been Hacked!


What To Do When Your Account Has Been Hacked.
What To Do When Your Account Has Been Hacked.

If you are like me you rarely think about your social media accounts being hacked.

But it wasn’t until I saw a good friends Facebook profile photo change and several suspicious game requests come to me via her account that I wondered, was she hacked?

As is the case with many social media platforms, there’s always a chance someone can obtain your password and log into your account.  Facebook, luckily has a tool that can help you monitor who logs into your account. But, I must warn you, I have always found that Facebook frequently changes how we as users interact with their platform and at times I have wanted just to press the “delete me” button when trying to change even my privacy settings!

However, first thing you do if you notice anything suspicious, you need to change your password immediately.  Then start writing all your friends that you’ve been hacked and not to accept any request’s or plea’s for money…yes they will post “I’m stuck in Norway with no way home”… send me money with your photo!

The following is a relatively easy way to see if your page has been hacked.

Log into your Facebook account and click the gear icon in the far right corner. Once the drop down menu appears, go to Settings. Click Security and scroll down and click “Edit” next to the Active Sessions category. This section records every time someone logs into an account from a desktop computer or app. If you see a suspicious login, click end activity. After that, scroll back up to the top and report a problem. Immediately change your password, and then cross your fingers that it doesn’t happen again.

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