Simple Key Principles That Will Move Your Brand!

As communication consultants we have been “prousting” that brands need to provide directed content to their clients that will provide an engagement experience versus the need for brands to get that Like.  I can’t begin to tell you the amount of heated dialog this consultant and a few of my colleagues have had with clients surrounding the fact that Likes don’t really move your brand and that interactions are key. So we have been very excited to see that brands have moved from looking at follower counts to focusing on interactions. The good news is that getting more interactions is pretty simple: Post more (good content). The bad news: It takes a lot of people to do this well.

A new study from social CRM player Spredfast found that for each message that a brand posts on social media, it gets 400 interactions from consumers on average. The study, which looked at 154 companies with average social bases of 1.8 million, found top-performing brands are now publishing 4,900 messages on average (per quarter), with an average engagement of 2 million interactions.

“These messages, or social content, each provide new opportunities for audiences to engage with social brands,” said Jim Rudden, CMO of Spredfast. “While quantity doesn’t equal quality, our Social Engagement Index shows that as brands increase contributors, groups and activity, their external engagement rises disproportionally.”

So what does this mean? Brands need to hire real social teams, not just a fresh-out-of-school kid to “do the Facebook and the Twitter.” In fact, top-performing brands i.e., Nordstorms— based on social structure, configuration and activity — have 21-30 people participating in social programs within the organization. Brands have had to move rapidly beyond the time when one social manager or even a small social media team is expected to own all social activity.

The big question is: How does one move to driving interactions? Brands need to publish content that followers want to interact with and use the right social media platform to drive that interaction.  A recent client published an average of 55 times per day on Twitter versus 18 times on Facebook. Facebook yielded 580 interactions per message compared to 50 per Tweet; knowing your data is key.

What is the take away? Think twice! Create a well-planned, well-managed program that allows for your brand and/or organization to connect internal resources with social customers, coordinate internally to ensure the right messages are being distributed to the correct people and accounts and that all this can be pulled together in a meaningful way. Then be certain that all of those who touch your messaging are clearly aligned and working to achieve the goal of the brand or the specific interaction you are trying to drive.

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