Monday Blues, Fact or Fiction?

hate mondaysHate Mondays? According to researchers, ‘Miserable Mondays’ are just urban legend.
According to a poll of 340,000 people, US researchers have found that people’s moods were no worse on Mondays than other working days Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, besides Friday.
Researchers did find that as the weekend approaches, people were found to be happier, which supports the concept of the positive ‘Thanks God It’s Friday’ mood.  As it turns out, the blue Monday mystery highlights a phenomenon familiar to behavioral scientists: that beliefs or judgments about experience can be at odds with actual experience. Indeed, the disconnection between beliefs and experience is common.
According to the The Journal of Positive Psychology authors Professor Arthur Stone, Stefan Schneider, and James Harter, people also had better moods and less stress or worry on weekends and Fridays—as compared to weekdays—but there was no support for a ‘Blue Monday’ effect.
Despite our global beliefs about lousy Mondays, should we conclude that this belief should be abandoned?” Stone states that “Cultural myths may vastly over-emphasize actual day of the week mood patterns.” But Stone also says that the contrast in mood change from Sunday to Monday could be the reason Monday seems so ‘miserable’.
Do Mondays really affect your mood?

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