The Simple Key to Social Media Use

We continually refer to our Look-Solutions Facebook page as a mere ‘newsletter of sorts’. But the real beauty of that statement lies in the fact that it’s an opt-in newsletter for people who are interested in the same things we are. In that regard, it’s both an awesome tool for us and a lovely little resource for you to use if you so choose.

Little did we know when we started casually referring to Facebook’s business pages as optional news releases — we were right on the money. Trusted marketing expert Heidi Cohen essentially backs this up in her own language in her recent blog post (How to Use Social Media for your PR):

No one cares about your latest press release especially on social media. Built on a pay-it–forward and play well with others, social media can’t be approached with a “What’s in it for me?” (aka WII-FM) attitude. To attract attention on social media, change your approach from pushing press releases to being a go-to resource.

The key to utilizing social media for all that it’s worth — we believe — lies in the simple statement that it’s less about pushing and more about creating a fantastic community that will come to you. 

We’d like to take this opportunity to let you read and process the above statement, and decipher what it means to you. How do you go about building your community? Have you defined who you want your community to be built up of? What is your goal for community-building? And lastly — how will you create content that your community wants to be a part of digesting?

Ask yourself the above questions and you’ll be several steps closer to creating a community worth having centered around your social media outlet of choice.

Photo Thanks To:  stoneysteiner

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