The Public School Protest, Redefined by Social Media

In the big scheme of things, social media is still relatively new. And so, people frequently ask us here at Look-Solutions: “What exactly is the purpose of Twitter? I don’t get it.” Inadvertently, we find ourselves staging impromptu lectures on what the purpose of a site like Twitter really is. And when awesome examples of Twitter’s true power show up in the media, we’re sure to share those.

One such example is this one, as written about on Good: students at a public school in suburban Pittsburgh are staging a sit-in style protest to the crappy food they’re being served (at a higher cost) in their cafeteria via Twitter. How so? Here’s the rundown from Good:

Instead of launching a cafeteria sit-in or school walkout over school lunches, students in the Plum Borough School District in suburban Pittsburgh are proving that all it takes to stage an effective protest is a smartphone and Twitter. The price of a lunch has risen to $2.50, and students say they’re not going to pay more for lower quality food. The social media savvy high schoolers have pledged to boycott the cafeteria food and bring a sack lunch from home. They’re using the hashtag#BrownBagginIt to let the world know why.

One student named Will tweeted yesterday, “everybody in plum who is in elementary to high school start #BrownBagginit to protest against the district high prices and low quality food.” The volume of tweets with the hashtag made the protest one of the city’s trending topics on Twitter.

What’s interesting is that instead of a typical sit-in or protest, a hash-tagged campaign via Twitter has the power to reach many more people, and to become much more widespread in terms of its sharing capacity.

Photo Thanks To: kmakice

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