Starter Kit for Best Practices for Social Media

So many people look at or hear the words social media and immediately imagine Tweens chatting and college kids sharing photos of their partying debacles on Facebook. If you haven’t figured it out already; there’s a lot more to social media than that.

Social media is now a part of any savvy business model. Companies and organizations can use it to up their revenues and to increase their means of communication and networking between other businesses.

We came across a great post on SCORE, which outlines four easy to understand facts about social media best practices. We love that out of the millions of tips for utilizing social media to its highest potential, SCORE picked these. They’re completely foolproof and offer anyone an easy intro into using social media and looking savvy at doing so. Without further adieu, we present you with SCORE’s four facts for social media use:

1. Provide promotions or coupons on your Facebook page; more people will Like it if you do so

Via SCORE: According to this RocketMedia infographic, a majority of a business’ Facebook fans were originally attracted to hitting the “Like” button because they thought doing so would get them special deals or promotions.

2. Launch campaigns mid-week

Via SCORE: Although most campaigns are deployed on Fridays, the amount of actual social media engagement peaked the most on Tuesdays (engagement fares the worst on Fridays). Although the study wasn’t conclusive on why this is so, you could use common sense to deduce that most people are more-or-less gearing up for “weekend” mode on Fridays and they’re probably spending more time on confirming dinner plans than on a shop’s website.

3. Make blog posts about 450 words

Via SCORE: Three to five paragraphs seems to be the “sweet-spot” length for blog posts that get shared more often than their shorter or longer counterparts.

4. If you’re going to post to Facebook once a day — post between 1 and 4 p.m.

We’ve noticed different statistics; posting in the a.m. around 9 or p.m. around 4-5 seems to work for us — but the amount of clicks you’ll get really varies depending on your audience. Our best advice is that you should try different times out and see what gets the most engagement from your users!

Photo Thanks To: SocialMediaOnlineClasses

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