March Madness, a Public Display of Successful Strategy, Leadership & Engagement

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Whether you see it this way or not, basketball is a game of strategy, leadership and engagement. This is why March Madness is doubly exciting; it’s not only one of the United States’ biggest annual sporting events, it’s also a unique public display of something we don’t see that often, which is teams working together and achieving greatness as a result of a successful trifecta of strategy, leadership and engagement.

How March Madness Exemplifies Successful Strategy Use: 

In basketball terms, strategy is likened to a “play.” An effective play utilizes each and every member of the team to his best ability. What’s more, for a play to be successful, there must be a key understanding on the part of every player. If a play is proposed, utilized, and for whatever reason unsuccessful, everyone must be willing to pinpoint the problem and come up with a solution, wether that means re-working…

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