Should Facebook or any Social Platform Allow Access for Kids Under 13?

According to the Associated Press, Facebook is currently considering a way in which it could provide access to the social networking site to children. Currently, Facebook only legally allows those over the age of 13 access to the site, but those terms are pretty easy to get around; state that your birthday falls a few years ahead of when it actually does and you can easily claim to be well over 13.

Via the article in the Oregonian:

Now, the company is testing out ways to allow younger kids on its site without needing to lie. It would be under parental supervision, such as by connecting children’s accounts to their parents’ accounts. That would allow Facebook to comply with federal regulations regarding children under 13 online.

So, what’s your take on the topic? If Facebook can safely enable youth to utilize the site — should they? Or should children simply wait until they’re well into middle school to have the option of using Facebook?

Photo Thanks To: birgerking

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