Time to Face the Change

The world is rife with change.

Take the Olympic Games as an example. Nearly every single Summer Olympics, swimming world records are broken. That means, of course, that the time it takes an incredibly talented and hard-working swimmer to say, breast stroke their way 200 meters, has gotten ever so slightly less and less over many, many years of Olympics — and the times just keep on changing.

In our more relevant world here at Look Consulting Solutions, we keep up with the kind of change that happens in communications. In the last four years, so much has changed in the way brands and individuals communicate that many people (and brands) are still trying to catch up.

Take the above infographic (via JACK) as an example; the whole system of how brands offer themselves up for consumers has shifted.

Today, in the 21st century as opposed to the 20th, a brand’s wisest move is to first investigate how it will fit into and interact with its audience. Then, only after that’s been done, is a product to be tangibly developed. A good example of this is a product such as Instagram. The product, albeit not really tangible in the traditional form, had to be crafted for a specific audience — and the way in which Instagram would interact with its users, and its users with Instgram — had to be developed before the app itself was created.

Today, brands can consider the new brand map of Actions, Products, Messages even if their product is already created. The important part is for the brand to get back to its roots and consider how its brand interacts with the world or, perhaps more importantly, how it wants its brand to do so. Then, and this is key, the brand has to be open considering that crafting its products to fit this new map may require some of that special stuff we know as: change.

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