Cookie Monster’s Best Performance Ever: Share It Maybe

It’s Friday. It’s summer. It’s sunny and hot and beautiful and the kids are out of school. With all of that said, we’re hoping you’re out and about enjoying your day — or at least planning to do so once you leave your office desk. But we do suspect that you and some people you know are sitting diligently at your air conditioned space working hard instead of playing outside, so we’d like to bring some light entertainment your way for this Friday the 13th.

If you have kids or if you pay attention to pop culture, you’ve heard the song ‘Call Me Maybe‘. If not, listen to it and then come back to this post.

Now for the real treat… watching Sesame Street’s treat-obsessed Cookie Monster sing a new rendition of the song with back up singers and the works. In this version, Cookie Monster himself sings ‘Share It Maybe’, hoping desperately that the folks in the faux office in the video will share their cookies.

We’ll keep it short and — in honor of the Monster himself — sweet and say that this is the most entertaining video we’ve seen in a long time.

If you like it, share it (on Facebook)… maybe.

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