Make Your Office More Enticing, á la Google

You’ve probably heard about working at places such as Google, where the cafeteria food isn’t like what those two words typically imply, and where cubicles aren’t anything like those you laughed about in Office Space.

We’ve all probably also heard about how Google’s innovative offices are this way because they’ve done the research to prove that people who work in innovative environments tend to be happier and work better than those stuck in the drab confines of a typical office cell.

So, what can you do to improve your office space — considering that you’re not already working in a Google-esque area? From The Grindstone‘s “8 Ways to Google-fy Your Offices,” we’ve picked several tips that anyone, from the corporate offices of any company to the work-from-home-freelancer, can implement:

1. Personalize Your Workspace

We couldn’t agree more that this is a significant step toward fostering an environment of creativity and a clear mind. Whatever makes you tick — whether it’s vintage lamps, paper clips, pastel sticky notes or flowers — make sure you incorporate that into your space. Even if you work from home at the tiniest desk (or perhaps it was once a small studio kitchen table), you can occupy its space with things you adore.

2. Use Whiteboards

… Or chalkboards, or mirrors and lipstick; you get the idea. Apparently, Google has whiteboards up the yin-yang, so that whenever some creative person has an idea, he can jot it down immediately. The point is to have the space (or writing tools) to get your thought out immediately, before you lose it. So create a way in which you can get your ideas out and you’ll be better able to execute those great creative concepts when it’s time!

3. Put something fun… somewhere

Google has a slide. You may not be able to have such a silly thing in your workspace, especially if that workspace is your home, but you can get creative and bring in something that makes you smile. Alternatively, you could take the time out of your workday to go have some fun. We think that’s the gist here; do something during your day, every day, to enjoy yourself (and make it easy so you will go enjoy yourself in the midst of your long work day). That may mean running, biking, walking or taking a break to head to the park. Whatever it is that works for you, do it!

4. Be social

Whether you work from home or in a humongous office, don’t forget to see, talk to and spend time with people! Apparently Google’s mantra is that those who work together should be more of friends than co-workers, if it’s at all possible, and we agree that this is pretty important. If you’re a solo entrepreneur, writer or illustrator who works day in and out in your solo space, make sure to make lunch dates with clients or even your accountant! Don’t forget to get social, it’ll improve your relationships, your mood and your work.

Photo Thanks To: Julian Stallabrass

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