How Do You Heed The Headlines?

How do you get your news? Do you read what’s new in the headlines of your local print newspaper, delivered daily to your door, plucked through with sooty hands? Do you skim the titles of posts on HuffPo or The Daily Beast, scrolling down ’till you can scroll no more? Or do you leave the finding of the newsworthy up to your ever-changing Twitter feed?

We’re not here to claim we know which news source is best, and neither are we writing to state that you should get your news in just one way, every day. But we’re curious how you heed to the headlines simply because in this completely connected world, there are so many ways to find out what’s happening within it.

Take the poll below and help us understand how our readers keep up with the world around them!

Photo Thanks To: RambergMediaImages

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  1. a7mdr2fat

    thanks for the great article you are one of my best refrences of leadership


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