To Plug-In or Un-Plug, That is the Question

There’s no denying that we live in a digital age, one in which our smartphones are almost always in sight and within reach. What’s more, our emails have become extended text messaging systems. Many of us feel so compelled to respond to incoming emails within an instant that we’ve entirely re-written email etiquette; opening hellos or dear so-and-sos are becoming passe as we knee-jerk react to emails with short-hand responses in the interest of getting information off to our intended recipient as quickly as technologically possible.

So, what’s a business savvy person supposed to do come one of our country’s beloved long weekends? Are we to pack our chargers and plug-in all along the way — or should we consider unplugging the smart phone for one precious weekend for the sake of sanity and our performance at work? That is the question.

A Harvard Business School professor, Leslie Perlow, came out with a brand-new book, Sleeping with your Smartphone writes that if you and your team do choose to un-plug (disconnect) for certain periods, everyone can become more productive at work — as well as have “more time for life outside the office.”

With that said, we’re curious what your take is on the issue.

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