A Little Relaxation Goes a Long Way in Creativity and in Business

Here at Look-Solutions, we firmly believe that the good ‘ol lunch date is simply out-dated. Instead, we prefer a lunchtime meeting that consists of something a little less filling — and a lot more relaxing — than food. So, what’s the key to this new age invigorating lunchtime meeting we speak of? It goes a little something like this:

  1. Pick a place that’s both calm/on the quiet side where you can still carry a conversation (i.e. a nail salon, chair massage place, small work-out space, perhaps).
  2. Meet your business partner/client/etc. there for your faux “lunch date.”
  3. Enjoy the retreat from your normal work routine and relish the pampering nature of whatever it is you choose to do! And — as a result of the natural relaxation — don’t be surprised if your creativity soars.

For several months now, we’ve been swapping out or Look-Solutions business lunches or coffee dates for meetings to catch up about business while getting our nails done, and we have to say, there’s nothing else quite like it. We not only get the opportunity to talk about everything on our to-do list, we also get to be pampered in the process. What’s even more is that when we’re done, when we’re fully relaxed, ready to tackle the rest of our days, we simply find that we’re more creative. Our minds are more clear, our bodies harbor more endorphins and our spirits are lifted to the point where creativity can simply leak out. It’s amazing what a meeting like this can do for yourself, your creative inspiration and — quite naturally — your business.


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