To Lunch or Not to Lunch at Your Desk

Where do you lunch? We don’t mean what’s your favorite restaurant and why. Rather, we mean when your workday is moving at what feels like the speed of light and lunchtime hits, do you get up, walk out and relish the hour and your food? Or do you simply unpack your lunch sack and munch while you work away at your desk?

This article by The Grindstone, “In Defense of Eating Lunch At Your Desk and Not Working Like the French” brings up the point that Arianna Huffington recently made: eating at your desk can contribute to “mindless eating,” emotional eating and generally unhealthy habits. But — as we’re happy to see — the article then makes a case against it:

We work a lot. We work about eight or nine hours a day. That is eight or nine hours that we are not spending with our family or friends or doing whatever it is that may make us really happy in life (whether that be surfing or watching Modern Family.) In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics working Americans with children spend more time working than anything else, even sleeping. So if you are taking a full hour to eat lunch so you could fully appreciate the savor of your tuna fish sandwich you may be missing out on getting home and eating dinner with with your family. Does eating at your desk sound that great now?

With the two stances clearly stated, we ask: What are your thoughts on lunchtime work habits and styles? Do you think it’s important to take a full hour break for your lunch for the sake of your mental well-being and capacity for work? Or do you believe it makes most sense to eat while you work and get home as early as possible to begin savoring the sweetness of your family or friends?

We’re of the opinion that despite good cases to be made for both sides, you ultimately have to create the work-style habits that work best for you, both personally and professionally. What’s more, we suggest not always adhering to rigid routines you set for yourself (unless, of course, you thrive off of routines). With that, we open it up to you: what’s your work-style lunch habit and why? Leave a comment in the comments section below or share yours with us on our Facebook Page.

Article Thanks To: The Grindstone

Photo Thanks To: C.L. Barajas


  1. CubicleViews

    I write this to you while eating lunch…at my desk! I often eat at my desk so I can get more done in the work day. Is that healthy? Maybe not, although I did eat a salad just now! The real reason I tend to do this is because I’d rather be home for dinner with the family vs. still siting at my desk. I value that and it’s very important IMO.

    Ultimately, to each his/her own right?

    Plus, I get to read blogs like this!

    • C.K. Brechin

      Thanks! I appreciate your feedback. I always find myself torn between eating at my desk or as I work from a home office just heading to a Starbucks or a other location just to break the day up. Lately, I find myself taking the time to do a run or a walk as well.
      Enjoy and I love reading blogs too!


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