What is Your Social Networking IQ?

Social Media has changed the way a lot of us use the internet and how many of us communicate every day. In less than a generation we have seen a remarkable shift in the way we socialize, do business, relax and learn. Social marketing is now the “global town square” and if your organization or business isn’t working on integrating social media into your world, you will be left behind — faster than you can Tweet ‘social media’.So let’s challenge you about your knowledge of what we’ll call “today’s social media.” How much do you know about online communities?  In other words — What is your Social Networking IQ?
• What are the three top social media/networking sites?• What are top 5 media/networking sites for the business community?• How many hours each week should your business put into social media and community building?

• How should a business title their Page on Facebook?

• Is it OK to censor negative comments about your business?

• How often should you maintain your pages?

After you answer all of these questions… how do you think you did?  If you don’t know the answers to all the above questions it’s safe to say you and your business may suffer. In today’s tough economy you need to utilize every available marketing tool, and social media is your most powerful.

 If you feel at a loss for what to do, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!
Photo Thanks To: Sean MacEntee

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