To Become a Social (Media) Animal, Use Your Platforms Wisely

You may use social media for your personal enjoyment. Or, you may use it to promote your business or organization. But either way you look at it, social media is a relatively new phenomenon, one that most who use it are really just scratching the surface of.

For that reason, we enjoy providing ways for people to educate themselves about good practices in social media use. And as such, we’ve posted the above video, which comes from a Forbes Panel called Social Media and the Consumer.

We suggest you watch it and listen to what Forbes Managing Editor Bruce Upbin has to say about not only connecting with consumers via social media, but also (what we found most interesting) how businesses can frequently use social media to predict trends and even to prepare for an influx of consumer input.

Don’t feel like watching it? Here, we believe, are the most valuable take-away points from the video via Forbes (and some questions to go along via Look-Solutions!):

1. There are two ways of paying attention to social media: social media listening and social media analytics. In which way does your organization utilize your social networks?

2. It’s important to recognize different demographics (those who will use social  media vs. those who won’t). Are you tailoring your content to the appropriate audience?

3. Social media presents companies with the opportunity to have advance notice on social media outlets before anything like complaint calls comes in. This enables company response teams to prepare (something that’s relatively unprecedented). Are you paying enough attention to your social media platforms to recognize this and take advantage of it?

4. Make sure to utilize social media in a way that rigorously  correlates to the things that drive your bottom line. Are you driving your bottom line via your social media outlets — or are you presenting your audience with lackluster information?

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