How and Why to Use Pinterest for your Business

Pinterest is probably the hottest new social media platform out there — and it has been for several months now. But while some people have been devout “pinners” the whole time through, many of us (especially those of us who represent our business) are just now jumping on the bandwagon.

Pinterest — like Facebook and Twitter — can be used both for personal reasons and to promote a business, company or organization. But businesses seem to have the hardest time trying to determine how to utilize their social outlet of choice because, quite simply, there are certain ramifications for doing so in the wrong manner. If an individual Tweets something inappropriate, his or her followers may let it slide. If a company Tweets something inappropriate (and has an ample following), they can lose respect, dignity and, worst of all, customers. As a result, many businesses that should have a social media presence simply opt out of doing so in order to take the path of least resistance. But if your business/organization/company has put social media down on the bottom of your to-do list, you’re missing out! Especially considering there are social media platforms that are so, so, so simple to use and so, so, so beneficial for you that it’s simply silly to forgo utilizing them to their fullest potential.

Here’s where Pinterest comes in. Pinterest is — we’d argue — the easiest social media tool to become acquainted with. It lives in the realm of pictures (read: not words), which are frankly much less likely to get you in trouble. What’s more, Pinterest is incredibly user friendly, easy to learn, and easy to mange. Entrepreneur suggests these five easy steps for using it (accompanied by a video, which you can watch here):

1. Create a profile for your business with relevant pin boards.
2. Add the “Pin It” button to your site so customers can easily pin your images to their pin boards.
3. Create visual content.
4. Encourage customers to pin.
5. Re-pin relevant content from customers on your own board.

Ultimately, with Pinterest, you set up an account, start pinning, re-pinning and wait ing for others to pin as well. If that’s not the easiest way to promote your business, well… let’s just say… it is. 

The benefit of using Pinterest for your business is that it’s pretty much a bulletin board that virtually anyone can access. What’s more, you can show people what your business is about (remember the writing adage, “Show, don’t tell” here), and in doing so, brand your business as well.

With the availability of social media platforms such as Pinterest — and its total ease of use — there’s really no reason not to be using it. Interested in setting up a Pinterest account but want more information about best practices? Get in touch with us via or via Facebook and we’ll gladly help out.

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