Oh, Come On: For the Sake of Equality

This week, our winning Oh, Come On winning moment is as follows:

*To put it bluntly, year end performance reviews are a rough time. No matter what, this period always proves stressful and anxiety-inducing — thought it can’t be avoided. During one such performance review, the manager came to the roundtable with high ratings of each of his team members. When he realized that his team ratings were higher than that of any others in the company, he quickly lowered them for parity’s sake. When he shared the final performance reviews with his team, he said something along the lines of: “I rated you all as ‘highly successful,’ but the company didn’t see it that way — so you’re all rated as ‘successful.'” Taking all the blame from his stupidity, he added, “It’s not my fault.”

Oh, Come On.

Each week, we’ll ask you to provide your own Oh, Come On moment for us to share with the world. Shoot an email to Looking@look-solutions.com with a story you have to tell of a coworker or someone you know in the workforce who did something utterly idiotic. Don’t want to email it? Post your story directly on our Facebook page with the words, “My Oh, Come On moment is.” We’ll then share it in a list in each week’s post (while absolutely honoring your desire for anonymity; tell us if you want your story posted sans names), and at the end of each week, we’ll provide the person who gave us the best Oh, Come On moment with a $10 Starbucks gift card! After all, who doesn’t deserve a few cups of coffee for having put up with workplace idiocy? We all do. 

Now it’s your turn! Send us your Oh, Come On moments and next thing you know, you’ll be feeling better, sipping coffee and smiling that you’re not the only one who’s had to deal with one or two ridiculous and absurd workplace situations.

Photo Thanks To: We Heart It

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