Oh, Come On: Cost-Cutting, For Some of Us

This week, our winning Oh, Come On winning moment is as follows:

*‎We had a q4 cost – cutting initiative to try to make our year end financials. I was scheduled to attend a conference in December and was told that I couldn’t go as part of the travel freeze. I explained that all of the costs had been paid (flights, conference fee, etc.) so the only savings would be my hotel and food and we would lose the rest of the money. I was told that if I personally covered the flight costs that the company would pay everything else – that we had to manage perceptions out in the company. I really wanted to attend the conference and needed the personal development credits for my certification so found myself between a rock and a hard place. I agreed to this under the idea of “take one for the team.” I came back from the conference and discovered that the executive had still proceeded with sending out corporately branded Christmas cards, giving out Christmas gifts and funding various Christmas events. When I pointed this out and asked why I had to pay for my own flight but this type of spending still continued, I was told, “This is different… there was an official freeze on travel.”

Oh, Come On.

Each week, we’ll ask you to provide your own Oh, Come On moment for us to share with the world. Shoot an email to Looking@look-solutions.com with a story you have to tell of a coworker or someone you know in the workforce who did something utterly idiotic. Don’t want to email it? Post your story directly on our Facebook page with the words, “My Oh, Come On moment is.” We’ll then share it in a list in each week’s post (while absolutely honoring your desire for anonymity; tell us if you want your story posted sans names), and at the end of each week, we’ll provide the person who gave us the best Oh, Come On moment with a $10 Starbucks gift card! After all, who doesn’t deserve a few cups of coffee for having put up with workplace idiocy? We all do. 

Now it’s your turn! Send us your Oh, Come On moments and next thing you know, you’ll be feeling better, sipping coffee and smiling that you’re not the only one who’s had to deal with one or two ridiculous and absurd workplace situations.

Photo Thanks To: Ell Brown

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