Facebook Paints a 42-Foot QR Code On Its Roof That Can Be Scanned from Space

We believe in the power of QR codes, but we never thought we’d be able to see — and scan — one from high up in the sky. Nevertheless, Facebook HQ has made this entirely possible with the 42-foot QR code its employees just painted on its roof.

If you were to be, say, in a plane, flying over the new home of Facebook HQ at 1 Hacker Way in Menlo Park, you’d literally be able scan the QR Code, which directs you to nothing less than a FB QR Code Facebook page.

According to all of the press we’ve seen surrounding Facebook’s new rooftop QR Code, the idea was sparked when Zuckerberg announced that all employees “space hack” the new building. FB employee Mark Pike wrote this about the turn of events that led to the finished rooftop product:

“When the last of the employees moved in to our new Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, Mark Zuckerberg announced a “Space Hackathon.”  His post encouraged everybody to decorate the new space to make it our own—tag the walls with spray paint, hang cool posters, and hack the building with some patented Facebook personality. But a few of us interpreted the call to action a bit too literally. We decided that we wanted our “space hack” to actually be visible from space. We wanted to hack the globe.

It started with a comment on Zuck’s post. I wrote, “Hack yeah! I’d like to paint a gigantic QR code somewhere so we can RickRoll online maps, or point people to our careers site, or send them to a ‘Clarissa Explains it All’ GeoCities Page.” By the end of the day, that comment had nearly 50 Likes. I still wasn’t sure if people were seriously interested, so I started a Group. When over 100 people joined, it was game on.

We spent the next few days planning out the logistics of how to put a QR Code on the roof of Facebook’s office.”

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