Social Media 101

Many of us reading this blog are very familiar with the social media platforms that we interact with — as some of us do so on an hourly or minute-by-minute basis. But recently I was asked speak at a round table seminar with a group of individuals who had a very narrow exposure to social media.

As a good facilitator does, I asked the group lead what the level of knowledge that this group had was… and the response I received was this: Think that you took a nap for 5 years and just woke up.  Oh and many of these individuals are going to feel that they are potential hostages sent to Social Media boot camp most would rather be having a non sedition root canal than spend the 3 hours with me.  Yikes.
So here goes, Social media 101 the abridged version :
Twitter:  I am eating a #Donut
Facebook: I like Donuts
Foursquare: This is where I eat my Donuts
Instagram:  Here is a cool vintage photo of me and the Donuts
YouTube:   Watch me as I eat my Donut
LinkdedIn:  My skills include Donut eating
Pinterest:   Here is a yummy recipe for my Donut
Last FM:   Now listening to a song with Donuts in it
Tumblr:   Look at my groovy Donut
G+:    I am an employee or invest in Google eating a Donut
Hootsuite:   Let all of the above send out your love for Donuts with one button
Gowalla:    Be rewarded for eating Donuts
Yes,  I brought Donuts to the meeting and it was a great visual.

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