Welcome Our Weekly Feature: Oh, Come On

Oh, Come On

We’ve all been there — sitting at the proverbial roundtable of our workplace when that co-worker does something that can only be described as really freaking stupid.

At Look-Solutions, we’re here to generally provide you with techniques so that you make the best decisions in the work world and avoid situations such as the ones we’re referring to. But here — through this weekly feature that will make you say Seriously? out loud at the computer screen — we’re bringing you all of the do-nots so you can laugh, reflect and, most importantly, contribute!

Each week, we’ll ask you to provide your own Oh, Come On moment for us to share with the world. Shoot an email to Looking@look-solutions.com with a story you have to tell of a coworker or someone you know in the workforce who did something utterly idiotic. We’ll then share it in a list in each week’s post (while absolutely honoring your desire for anonymity; all stories will be posted sans names), and at the end of each week, we’ll provide the person who gave us the best Oh, Come On moment with a $10 Starbucks gift card! After all, who doesn’t deserve a few cups of coffee for having put up with workplace idiocy? We all do

This weekly feature will begin next week, so start sending us emails of your stupidity-laden moments asap! If you need some inspiration, well, we’ve got it. Here’s some moments we see as totally Oh, Come On-inducing.

1. The business trip to Vegas means your simply immature co-worker can’t resist taking snapshots of half-naked women or the seven bottles of hard alcohol he bought and brought into his hotel room on his iPhone and Tweeting it all trip long.

2. The classic idiotic move: photo-copying inappropriate body parts (for whatever reason) and leaving said photocopies in the machine for all to see.

3. When your hyper-intensive, micromanaging boss calls a “mandatory team meeting” and shows up forty-five minutes late without so much as one “I’m sorry.”

Now it’s your turn! Send us your Oh, Come On moments and next thing you know, you’ll be feeling better, sipping coffee and smiling that you’re not the only one who’s had to deal with one or two ridiculous and absurd workplace situations.

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