What is Value Innovation?


What is Value Innovation? We look at the diagram  and see two triangles, one inverted on the other and a diamond in the middle. So, what does that mean?

Quite simply, it is the core construct for creating a Blue Ocean strategy: it is the synchronous pursuit of lowering costs associated with competing in your industry, and, raising buyer value by offering differentiation within your value proposition.

Value innovation is created in the region where your company’s actions have a favorable effect on both your cost structure and the value proposition to your buyers, including those buyers you have never met!

Value innovation is the art of making competition irrelevant by creating such a leap in value for your buyers and company that you open up new and uncontested market space and swim in a sea of prosperity.

Welcome to the Blue Ocean! We can help you navigate your business to these uncontested waters.

This post was brought to you via the wonderful Shaun Lowcock, Consultant at Look-Solutions.

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